After several opinion interchanges of founders of GRAMIN VIKAS SEVA SANSTHAN it was felt that programme implementation of welfare and development, is not only, the duty of Government. The common people of the state should also, come forward with the helping hand, and ensure their effective support of people for overall development of our Country. The Society was established in Year MMI and registered under Indian Societies Registration Act, XXI of MDCCCLX with GOVERNMENT OF BIHAR, being requisite statutory requirement.
The organisation GRAMIN VIKAS SEVA SANSTHAN refers to keep on continued efforts to work with vulnerable communities for enduring the root causes of poverty and hazards, which has led to a rural urban divide, dreadful diseases and livelihood resilience. . It works for the welfare of society at the very Grass root level like Poor, SC/ST and other downtrodden Classes.
GRAMIN VIKAS SEVA SANSTHAN primarily aims to work towards Health & Sanitation, education, strengthening & capacity building of local communities with a view to enhancing adaptive capability and community resilient towards overall development of Society. The program strategy is towards achieving acceleration of socio, economic change and environmental sustainability in promoting sustainable livelihood, asset creation and institutional building at the community level.