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Ramesh does not follow the rules of the company and every day comes late to the office. This indicates----

If you set a goal for yourself and in the due course of time you find it difficult to achieve your goal. what will you do?

Long term goals are --

Sadness, anger, boredom, irritation and many similar feelings are dangerous and should be nipped in the bud instantly as -----

Carefully and attentive listening is an essential part of developing effective interpersonal skills

Leena has to attend a mix of clients. She should -----

Carefully and attentive listening is an essential part of developing effective interpersonal skills

A presentation satisfies the prime need of __________ on various subjects between either two people or a group of people

Taking responsibility for your actions is a major factor when it comes to workplace ethics. This is------

____________ is the most important component of making successful presentations.

When you join a new friend circle, there is nothing wrong in --

if a team leader communicates positively with his team mates and gets the work done effectively, the person has………

Ashok speaks well but doesn't want to express himself in a group. This means---

Jealousy makes the person --

To identify negativity in you--

Meena saw her colleague's mailbox open when her colleague was not in her place. What should be Meena’s reaction to this?

Making right decision means---

Spending some time in planning your day is___

Short term goals can be accomplished in --

You visit a dam with your friends. You see there warning signs on the banks of the dam stating that swimming is prohibited. One of your friends suggests that you should take a dip in the water and play some water games. You would…..

Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities at workplace shows -

You make way for the ambulance and fire engines when you drive. This indicates--

In the organization, there is a collective responsibility of completing a given job in a specific time. This is broadly called a…..

Changing with circumstances and conditions in our lives and adapting to the change is a skill. Is thistrue? If yes, how? If not, how it is not a skill?

You do not try to please everyone all the time indicates that